The Art of Lin - Nature Prints

Lindsey Harrison is a 29-year-old artist who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. Born and raised in the mountains of Golden, British Columbia, with a mid-adolescence relocation to Alberta, Lindsey’s background has allowed her a unique insight into both the beauty of small-town, mountain life as well as the fast-paced art and urban scenes of a few of Alberta’s biggest cities. Being interested in the arts from a very early age, Lindsey has developed a careful, colourful, and uniquely modern style. Lindsey has honed her craft over the years by sketching portraits or painting large-scale canvases of celebrities, public figures, and people who have influenced her and her life personally. Her impressionist portrait style is constantly evolving and will never disappoint—the likenesses she captures are accurate yet vivid and exciting. Also dabbling in abstract and myth-like sketches, human body and nude works, and, most recently, in animal and landscape paintings, Lindsey's portfolio is diverse and ever-changing, and she is always welcoming new opportunities and styles into her repertoire. An avid musician, Lindsey’s natural rhythm is evident in her pieces, and she prefers to paint with music on, a glass of wine nearby, and her cat Fritz by her side. 

All proceeds (100%) will be paid directly to the artist.